ARMI Volumetric Dispenser (AVD)

Our Volumetric Dispensers’ are designed to accurately and consistently dispense fluid in food plant applications. Designed for low viscosity products, our standard models operate only on compressed air. The simple breakdown design provides easy cleaning and maintenance. The ARMI Volumetric Dispenser’s (AVDs) can also fill a wide variety of products into different containers.

– The AVD can be separated into sub-assemblies, making it easy to use
– Cylinder body is made of clear acrylic for viewing and cleaning
– Simple to disassemble for cleaning purposes
– Durable construction features a stainless-steel actuator, clamps & cylinder for a
rugged exterior, & U-Cup seals for extended life
– All AVD’s are custom to fit specific needs, & the flexibility of the designs are
meant to fit many purposes
– Replacement parts available and fully stocked

– Actuator Assembly
– Dispenser Reservoir Cylinder
– Piston Seals
– Check Valve
Replacement Parts:
– Hi-flo check valve sub-assembly
– Dispenser Reservoir Cylinder
– Piston head & seals
– Pneumatic actuator sub-assembly
– 90-degree dispenser tube with bracket
– Mounting bracket
– Piston Seals
– Volumetric dispenser complete assembly

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