Tender Splitter:

Tender Splitter (Model ATS500)
All our Tender Splitters’ are custom designed to fit specific needs. The ATS500 has a single drive that powers both the dual conveyor belts as well as the cutting blade. The machine utilizes dual conveyor belts manufactured with a single pin construction. This configuration provides the optimum compromise between sanitation and maintenance. The ATS500 also utilizes a 90-degree belt layout that aids in the presentation of tenders to the cutting blade. This design provides a visual target for placing the tender as well as funneling of the tenders to the center of the belt if placed slightly skewed.

– Blade area completely covered with safety switch cover
– E-stop near operator location
– Easy access for blade removal
– Minimal tools needed to replace parts
– Pneumatic take-up to release belt tension
– Replacement parts available through ARMI
– Durable construction made of all stainless-steel, including stainless-steel electrical
– 90-degree belt layout allows a visible location for product placement & provides a “self-
centering” action to allow the product every opportunity to reach the blade in correct


– Designed to fit next to a cone debone line
– V-Groove belt setup to self-center tenders
– Van Der Graaf drum motor

– Single motor drive belt & blade
– Sanitary Volta belt with pin splice for easy replacement
– Stainless-steel slope top panel with start/stop

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