Meat Splitter

Meat Splitter (Model ABS-4)
Our Meat Splitters’ are designed to accurately and consistently slice products that vary in size and thickness by separating the halves and conveying each half out on separate belts. The ABS- 4 utilizes 2 conveyor belts that run side by side on the Product Conveyor (lower conveyor), allowing the separation of the product on the exit side. It also utilizes a “floating” Hold-Down Conveyor (upper conveyor) that has its own drive, contains the slicer blade and provides downward force on the meat as it passes through the slicer. It even features a laser line generator that provides an alignment line to aid in proper loading of the product on the entrance side of the lower conveyor.

– E-Stops located near operators
– Blade area completely covered with safety switches on covers
– Replacement parts available through ARMI
– User friendly start/stop controls
– The Hold Down Conveyor is flexible, allowing varying widths and thickness of products
– Laser line generator is utilized to allow products to be loaded and aligned to a visible


– Van Der Graaf drum motors
– Nema 4X stainless-steel slope top panel with start/stop control
– Self-contained requires 480V 3 phase power

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