Extendable Conveyor:

Our stainless-steel extendable conveyors are one of our top selling products.  Our conveyors are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific applications. Every conveyor is designed to meet the requirements of M.O.S.S.

                                         M- Maintenance

                                         O- Operation

                                         S- Sanitation

                                         S- Safety


  • Removable drip pan with sanitary outlet connection
  • Available in electric or hydraulic drive
  • Conveyor can be “dialed in” while in operation to get transfer points perfect
  • All parts fully stocked & available through ARMI
  • Notched take-up slot & shaft for quick belt tension adjustment
  • Bolt in carry way bed for easy replacement
  • Adjustable nose bars for easy dial in transfer points
  • Metal nose bars with PEEK rollers allow for high temperature use in increase life cycle
  • Outfeed & infeed eliminates pinch point by adjusting inward while moving, instead of flipping up.

Sanitary Features:

  • All components fully welded
  • Limited flat surfaces
  • No tubing
  • Open design for easy wash down



Belt Type:

  • Wire Belt Flat Flex
  • Wire Belt Compact Grid
  • Belt with 8”-60” width
  • Standard 39” Flat Flex to feed Breader
    • 38.661” wide Compact Grid to feed Breader
  • Standard 40” wide Flat Flex for most other applications
    • 39.449” wide Compact Grid for most other applications

ARMI keeps standard sizes in stock at all times, although we specialize in custom design to fit all customer needs.

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