Emergency eyewash & Shower Station 

Our combination emergency showers and eyewash stations provide the highest level of performance. We pride ourselves on being the only manufacturer to maintain stainless-steel units in stock while providing same day shipping.
Each unit is compliant to ANSI-Z358.0- 2014

Features & Benefits:
– Corrosion resistant 304 stainless-steel construction
– Replacement parts are available upon request
– Includes emergency safety sign
– Isolation valve with union inlet connection available as an option
– All welds are passivated for corrosion resistance
– Features a built-in drainage base

1.25” IPS Schedule 40-stainless- steel pipe and fittings with a polished finish, along with a 9” diameter floor flange to provide an increased amount of toughness for a long-lasting corrosion resistant product.

Eyewash and shower valves are designed to make the flushing of contaminants occur with the simple pull of a lever. Both valves come equipped with stainless steel ball and stem. Isolation valve with union also available.

Quality Control
Eye/face wash and valve assembly are built fully water/pressure tested to ensure no leaks and proper function to reduce installation time.

Stainless-steel 50 x 50 water strainer prevents debris from reaching the eyewash so the unit stays functioning at its best.

Shower Head
Stainless-steel drench shower head uses a hydrodynamic design to give equal distribution of water throughout the entire footprint of flow.

Eye/Face Wash
Eye/face wash heads uses an inverted directional laminar flow to sweep contaminants away from the nasal cavity.

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