CIP System

CIP System
Our “clean in place” system is a complete assembled self-contained package, ready to connect to your product piping and utilities. The system has a HMI touchscreen for controls that requires a 110a 10A power supply. It also includes a Dixon/Bradford C Series sanitary pump with a Baldor 460V/3PH/60Hz wash-down motor. Steam is required to heat the water and an air supply is needed to operate the valves. The CIP is available in three standard sizes to fit most food plant applications.

– User friendly HMI touchscreen control with graphical interface
– All 304-stainless- steel construction
– Customizable water temperatures, wash cycles, and rinse cycle times
– Fully automatic operation
– Not tied to any equipment or piping system, and can be moved if necessary
– High flow design to effectively clean the harshest food piping
– Replacement parts available through ARMI


– Standard Sizes: 300, 500, & 700 Gallons
– Custom sizes available
– Nema 4X stainless PLC control panel

– Utilities required:

  • Steam
  • Compressed air
  • Cold or hot water
  • 480V 3 Phase power

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