Barrel Dumper

Barrel Dumper (Model #ABD-600)

Our Barrel Dumpers’ are designed to empty barrels of varying sizes up to 600 pounds. The Dumper is actuated by a single hydraulic cylinder which is powered by a hydraulic power pack that holds approximately 1 gallon of hydraulic fluid. It loads from the front, pivots upward and dumps toward the rear of the machine. This design is easy to use and features a durable stainless-steel construction.


  • All stainless-steel construction with 100% open shapes
  • No tubing
  • Fully welded and welds cleaned with Surfox passivation process
  • Standard off the shelf hydraulic components
  • Side safety guards slotted for easy sanitation
  • Includes a hold down bar that is adjustable for handling barrels of different heights
  • Replacement parts available through ARMI


  • 36” Dump Height
  • 600- pound capacity
  • Barrel size up to 26” diameter & 30”- 36” height range
  • Painted carbon steel cylinder and stand-alone hydraulic power unit
  • 20AMP 110VAC power input
  • Stainless-steel slope top panel with push button operation

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